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Senior Living Cost Comparison Guide

Lock in 2020 Apartment Rates when you Move-in by 12/31/20

Our complimentary Cost Comparison Guide explains why many of today’s seniors are opting to rent, but more importantly, it will help you to determine if a rental community such as a Brightview Senior Living Community is the answer to your own financial and lifestyle goals.

  • No Large Entrance Fees
  • You Control 100% of Your Assets
  • Very Flexible Contracts
  • No Strings Access to Upgraded Service & Care
  • No Invasive Financial Acceptance Process
  • No Medical Acceptance Process


Paying for Senior Living

Senior living communities are attractive to residents for their personalized care, wonderfully convenient amenities, and
resident quality of life. 

Most people put off considering senior living because they have heard stories about the high cost. The financial commitment may seem much higher than what you currently pay for housing, but if you compare your budget side-by-side, you might be surprised at what you can afford.